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3 main indoor air quality parameters!

CO2 level airvisual air quality monitor

CO2 level airvisual air quality monitor

Series of short episodes about Healthy Air#2

Start with unusual and undervalued indoor air quality parameter for most of people in residential use.

Fresh air = CO2 level!

Freshness of air we express in CO2 level (carbon dioxide). This is measured in “ppm” (parts per million). In practice this express fresh air is and indirectly how much oxygen left. Ambient air has about 400 ppm. So very important that this is the lowest possible CO2 level (don’t starts from 0 pmm!).

Higher than 800 ppm CO2 causes increasing fragrance sensitivity, but 800ppm is not too bad. Higher than 1000 ppm which is max in WHO standards, air is going to be not comfortable. We are tend to be sleepy and we’re loosing concentration. From my experience we very often exceed 1000 ppm in our homes. Maybe you don’t need another cup of coffee but you need just get more fresh air.

CO2 level we control by proper ventilation. Mechanical ventilation with recuperation is highly recommended.

CO2 level airvisual air quality monitor


Expressed usually PM2,5 e µg/m³. It’s Particulate Matters smaller than 2.5 μm in diameter. The best to maintain lower than 10-15µg/m³. Pollutants PM2,5 and PM1 are so small that penetrate the cells membrane. That the reason why pollutant are so dangerous. Pollution can by controlled by Air purifier.

main indoor air quality parameters monitor


Measured in %RH (Relative Humidity). It is % level of water saturation in air. It is also related to the temperature. That means lower temperature = higher humidity and inversely.

Too dry air(low humidity) could damage the mucous membranes in the respiratory tracts which lowers ours immunity.

The best level of humidity i between 40-60% (max 50-55% in winter). Humidity lower than 30% and higher than 70% is unhealthy. Humidity may be controlled by humidifier and air conditioner(dehumidification) .

Air Humidifier, I highly recommend evorapative type of humidification

I recommend a video with cheapest and healthiest humidifier.

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